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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Matt

My little brother turns 20 today.

Na na na na na na
You say it’s your birthday
Na na na na na na
Well it’s my birthday too yeah
Na na na na na na
They say it’s your birthday
Na na na na na na
We’re gonna have a good time
Na na na na na na
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Na na na na na na
Happy birthday to you


One of the other blogs I read belongs to a writer. Today he posted a link to an article he wrote about finding loopholes. Get this story:

...Or take David Phillips, a.k.a. “Pudding Guy.” When he learned that the Healthy Foods company was offering its customers 1,000 frequent flier miles for every 10 Healthy Foods products purchased, he began searching for the cheapest item they sold; when he learned that Healthy Foods sold individual pudding cups for a quarter apiece, he purchased every one he could find within a 60-mile radius of his home, and even had his local stores order more from their distributors. (If this sounds familiar, it’s because Phillips’s astounding feat of loopholery was incorporated into the film Punch Drunk Love.) In the end, Phillips wound up with more than 12,000 cups of pudding and 12 million frequent flier miles. He then gave the pudding to his local Salvation Army and wrote off its cost as a charitable donation.

Read Matthew Baldwin's whole article, In Praise of Loopholes, in The Morning News online magazine.

PS: As you might of noticed from the sudden use of hyperlinks in this post and the one before, I recently I found out how to do this.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Race for the Cure and Other Weekend News

I tried to post this yesterday and Blogger freaked out--hopefully that does not happen again.

Friday after work I took Foxy to the dog park, went to PF Changs with Brandon (vegetarian lettuce wraps--so good!), and then went to bed. It wasn't very late, but I was so tired. Going to bed early was actually for the best, since I had to get up early on Saturday for the Indianapolis Race for the Cure.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day--great weather for walking. That morning I went to my co-worker Susannah's house to ride to the Race with her family and some friends. We walked together as a group, and had an incredible time. I had never done the Race before, and it was so awesome--something I will definitely continue to do. There were tons of people there. Especially moving were the children walking in memory of their mothers, and the survivors in their bright pink tshirts. At one point in the Race you are at the top of a hill--looking down ahead of you, and back behind you, you see this incredible sea of people. It is really cool to be joined together with so many other people for this one cause. If you are thinking about doing Race for the Cure in your area, you definitely should.

A lot of people brought their dogs to the Race, something that I had not considered doing. Maybe next year I will bring Foxy. She is very well-behaved, and she would love a long walk like that. The only drawback--5K holding a poop bag.

Here are some stats for the Indianapolis Race:
17,554 participants
$475,959.27 total raised
$285 donated by you--thank you so much to everyone who pledged for me!

After the Race we had a barbecue back at Susannah's--fun and delicious.

Later in the day while Brandon was working I commandeered his car to go grocery shopping. While at the store I bought some flowers that were on sale. These are now in pots on the balcony--I am currently growing both flowers and veggies on the balcony--very cool! Brandon got me garden supplies and container gardening books for my birthday--check out McGee and Stuckey's The Bountiful Container--a fabulous how-to book that presents the benefits of container gardening, even for people who have yards. It was one of my favorite gifts.

Saturday night I went to BroadRipple with Paul and Eric, though we didn't stay out until the bars close, as is usual for visits to BR.

Sunday I relaxed, played with the animals, and watched The Graduate with Brandon--we give it a thumbs up. We recently decided to watch every movie that both of us have not seen that appears on the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American Movies list. The Graduate is number 7. Speaking of Dustin Hoffman, he is almost 70 years old--doesn't he look way younger?
In other news, today is my grandpa's birthday. He is 88 years-old--incredible! He had a short stay at the hospital a little while ago, but in general he is doing great. When I grow up I want to be like my G&G--they are so cool. I know that he won't read this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Race for the Cure

The Indianapolis Race for the Cure was yesterday. It was my first time to participate, and it was so amazing. At one point in the walk, you are at the top of a hill--looking down ahead of you, and back behind you, you can see all of the other people who are walking. It is pretty incredible when you realize how many people are there with you. It was especially moving to see the children walking in memory of their mothers, and to see the survivors in their bright pink tshirts.
It was a beautiful day, perfect for an event like that. Sunny, nice temperature. Several people brought their dogs to the race, which I hadn't thought of. Maybe Foxy will come next year.

Stats on the Race:
17,554 participants
$472,786.27 raised
$285 contributed by you--thank you everyone for your pledges!

I had a wonderful time walking. I definitely plan to participate again. If you have not done anything like this before, you should definitely look for a Race near you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter/Race for the Cure

Easter at Brandon's aunt's house was fun. He has a big family, so there were lots of people there. It is hard to remember everyone! Especially his uncles, I get confused which one is which. Had a good time anyway though. Every year all the adults hide Easter Eggs out in the yard, and then the little kids have a big Easter Egg Hunt. It is really fun.
Got to visit with Brandon's grandma while we were there. She is very sweet, but she has Alzheimers and it is really affecting her now. She used to take care of Brandon and his sister when they were little and their mom was working. It makes Brandon so sad; he says that she is so different now. Grandma talks to me like we have known each other for a long time, but I can tell by the way she talks to me that she thinks I am someone else from her past. It is very hard for the family because she often cannot recognize them, and she gets confused. She also gets lonely--she can't remember the last time anyone came to visit, and she doesn't understand why people have to leave. Every time you see her she asks where you've been and why you left her. It is very sad. Still, she seemed very happy on Easter. She knew that she was with her family, and she was glad to see them. Check out the Alzheimers Association link that I have added on the right. You will find ways to support the Association, scientific info, tips for keeping your brain healthy--50% of people over age 85 have this disease, so start protecting yourself now!

In other news, Race for the Cure is almost here! I'll be walking this Saturday. Thank you to everyone who pledged for me!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Garage Sale

This morning I had to take Foxy to the kennel. :( I hate to do that, but I am going with Brandon to his aunt's house for Easter tomorrow, and dogs were not invited to the party. Dropping her off at the kennel is not as bad as it used to be; she doesn't get really scared like she used to.
On the way home from the kennel I saw a garage sale. I love garage sales! It wasn't a great sale, but I did find a few things. I bought some flower pots, a shirt, and three glass containers for keeping flour, etc in--$4. I didn't like the shirt once I got it home and tried it on, but the other stuff is great and totally useful.
Tomorrow I am going to pick up the paper before our drive to northern Indiana. I prefer to listen to the news on NPR, but I have recently started getting the Sunday paper for the coupons, plus Brandon looks at the classifieds. Now I'll have to check for other garage sales. I hope that I can find an inexpensive end table for my living room. That would be great.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Khaki v. Chino

Many of you, like me, I'm sure have had the argument of khaki versus chino. What do these words really mean?

Fact of the Day: Khaki and Chino
Khaki (from Hindi 'dust-colored') is light brown fabric used primarily for military uniforms. Khaki uniforms were introduced in 1848 for British colonial troops in India. Chino (from American Spanish 'toasted') is a cotton twill fabric, usually khaki in color. On This Day email

Hmmm...very interesting.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's New

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile. So, what's new with me? Well, it has been mostly nice out for the past few days, so I have been spending a lot of time outside--so fun! Mostly walking Foxy and taking her to the dog park. I get such a kick out of watching the dogs, and the people.
At work I am getting antsy to start traveling again. The past few months I've gotten to travel about twice a month or so, but I don't have any trips this month! I am doing training at our place, but I haven't been out anywhere since I went to Vienna, VA at the end of March. My next trip is to Minnesota (woo hoo) at the beginning of May. Also at work we have two new people in our department. One recently moved into our department from another, and the other is brand new. So I'm really not the new person anymore.
In other news, the Habitat for Humanity build that our work volunteer group was supposed to do on Saturday was postponed--the couple days of rain beforehand had turned the work site into a mud pit. :(
And two exciting things: 1. My car sold! Bye bye Bugly. I'm saving up for a few months until I get a new car. 2. Brandon has two job interviews this week and next! He hopes to be leaving the video store soon--goodbye free rentals, hello living wage.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Harry Potter

Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD. They had to cut a lot, and the movie was still over 2 hours long. Even with all the editing of the story, it is still a good movie, but the book is definitely better (as usual). I don't like the new Dumbledore though. The actor who used to play him died :(
I wonder how they go about paring the book down into a screenplay. I mean, a whole storyline was cut out of the movie. How do they decide what to cut? I think it would be difficult.
I've read rumors on the internet that Book 7 will be out in 2007. I am excited to read it, but kind of bummed out because it is the last book. The series will be over soon enough! But of course, the movies will still be made for awhile after that, plus I'm sure there will be a lot of fan fiction about what happens to the characters after the final book. Still, I'll be sad when I finish the last book.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention this, but I have put up links to some of my favorite websites for your enjoyment.

Daylight Savings

This year Indiana is observing Daylight Savings for the first time since, I believe, the 70s. We sprang forward to Eastern Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. Prior to that we were on Eastern Standard Time in the winter, and Central Daylight Saving Time in the summer. I'm from Illinois, so I've done the whole spring forward thing before, and I'm glad that we started doing it here. Last night it was 8pm and the sun was still up--it was great! I just checked the 10-day forecast and it is supposed to get up as high as the the low 70s. A few days its supposed to be rainy with some storms, but not too many. Can't wait to spend more time outside as it gets warmer and we keep having longer days. Hopefully we will not have more bad storms and tornadoes. I think 27 people have been killed recently in the tornadoes. I was watching the news a little last night, and they were interviewing people who homes had been destroyed, and whose neighbors were dead. I cannot imagine.
Sometimes I think that people who live in tornodoe-prone areas don't really take the threat seriously, and don't take cover when they should. I especially thought about this a lot during the whole Hurricane Katrina fiasco with lots of people up here wondering why more people didn't evacuate. It's the same thing with us and tornadoes--we don't run and hide in our basement everytime there's a tornado warning. In the last week I myself have been out driving twice nowhere near my house with no idea where I would go for cover if I needed to. It was hailing and I was still driving around. Anyway, hopefully no more people die or get hurt or lose their houses.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Brandon D, who I was supposed to be my ride home yesterday (not to be confused with my previously mentioned boyfriend Brandon), just came over to my desk--apparently he got pulled into a meeting last minute, and didn't get out until after I left. He looked for me, and he tried calling my cell, which I didn't answer. He says he felt bad, which he shouldn't--I feel bad that he was looking for me after I left. Anyway, we're going to start riding together. THANKS Brandon--carpool buddies, yeah!

Blog Master

Ah ha! I just changed the time zone and republished my blog so that the correct time is displayed for each post. It's not really much of an accomplishment, but I'm happy about it.


Today is a sleepy day. Last night after work (I did get a ride home from someone by the way) I played with Foxy and Kitty and watched a movie (I Heart Huckabees--which I own and could watch over and over), and then I suddenly got on this cleaning kick. The house looks awesome now! But I cleaned until around midnight because I was on a roll. I wanted to sleep in this morning.
You know what is funny? No one really knows about my blog yet. I mentioned it to Brandon, but he doesn't know the web address. So unless random strangers are looking at this, I am writing to no one!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Wonder How I'm Getting Home

So, I don't have a car right now. I decided to sell it, and it is now up at my parents house, I believe, waiting to be parked in front of my mom's work on a busy road. I hope someone buys it soon! And for as much as I want. In the mean time, I am saving up for a new car; I'm thinking possibly a Honda Civic. Right now, carless, I am depending on other people for rides. I made arrangements earlier today to start riding to work with a guy who lives near me. He was supposed to take me home today. He said he normally leaves around 5, but it is almost 5:30 and I have not seen or heard from him. I sent him an email, which he didn't answer, but I don't want to go and pester him since he is doing me a favor and he might be busy working. I hope he didn't forget about me! I'll wait a little longer. The nice thing is I live very close to where I work. It takes about 20 minutes to walk here, and a little less than 10 to bike. The one drawback is the very busy road that scared me last time I biked across during rush hour. 4 lanes, no crosswalk. Other people I work with do it all the time; they are braver than I am. Today it is also cold and rainy. I hope the weather cheers up soon. I am ready for spring. It is is supposed to be sunny tommorow, but then more thunderstorms later this week.
By the way, I noticed when I published my first post that the posted time displayed is not the same time that I have. I wonder what time zone it's displaying, and how I can change. Slowly but surely I will learn how to use blogger!

1st Blog Ever

So, on a whim I found this free blog site and decided to set one up. I enjoy reading other people's, so maybe it will be fun to do my own. I'm not really good at the whole diary/journaling thing, so we'll see how this goes!