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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Daylight Savings

This year Indiana is observing Daylight Savings for the first time since, I believe, the 70s. We sprang forward to Eastern Daylight Saving Time on Sunday. Prior to that we were on Eastern Standard Time in the winter, and Central Daylight Saving Time in the summer. I'm from Illinois, so I've done the whole spring forward thing before, and I'm glad that we started doing it here. Last night it was 8pm and the sun was still up--it was great! I just checked the 10-day forecast and it is supposed to get up as high as the the low 70s. A few days its supposed to be rainy with some storms, but not too many. Can't wait to spend more time outside as it gets warmer and we keep having longer days. Hopefully we will not have more bad storms and tornadoes. I think 27 people have been killed recently in the tornadoes. I was watching the news a little last night, and they were interviewing people who homes had been destroyed, and whose neighbors were dead. I cannot imagine.
Sometimes I think that people who live in tornodoe-prone areas don't really take the threat seriously, and don't take cover when they should. I especially thought about this a lot during the whole Hurricane Katrina fiasco with lots of people up here wondering why more people didn't evacuate. It's the same thing with us and tornadoes--we don't run and hide in our basement everytime there's a tornado warning. In the last week I myself have been out driving twice nowhere near my house with no idea where I would go for cover if I needed to. It was hailing and I was still driving around. Anyway, hopefully no more people die or get hurt or lose their houses.


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