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Monday, April 24, 2006

Race for the Cure and Other Weekend News

I tried to post this yesterday and Blogger freaked out--hopefully that does not happen again.

Friday after work I took Foxy to the dog park, went to PF Changs with Brandon (vegetarian lettuce wraps--so good!), and then went to bed. It wasn't very late, but I was so tired. Going to bed early was actually for the best, since I had to get up early on Saturday for the Indianapolis Race for the Cure.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day--great weather for walking. That morning I went to my co-worker Susannah's house to ride to the Race with her family and some friends. We walked together as a group, and had an incredible time. I had never done the Race before, and it was so awesome--something I will definitely continue to do. There were tons of people there. Especially moving were the children walking in memory of their mothers, and the survivors in their bright pink tshirts. At one point in the Race you are at the top of a hill--looking down ahead of you, and back behind you, you see this incredible sea of people. It is really cool to be joined together with so many other people for this one cause. If you are thinking about doing Race for the Cure in your area, you definitely should.

A lot of people brought their dogs to the Race, something that I had not considered doing. Maybe next year I will bring Foxy. She is very well-behaved, and she would love a long walk like that. The only drawback--5K holding a poop bag.

Here are some stats for the Indianapolis Race:
17,554 participants
$475,959.27 total raised
$285 donated by you--thank you so much to everyone who pledged for me!

After the Race we had a barbecue back at Susannah's--fun and delicious.

Later in the day while Brandon was working I commandeered his car to go grocery shopping. While at the store I bought some flowers that were on sale. These are now in pots on the balcony--I am currently growing both flowers and veggies on the balcony--very cool! Brandon got me garden supplies and container gardening books for my birthday--check out McGee and Stuckey's The Bountiful Container--a fabulous how-to book that presents the benefits of container gardening, even for people who have yards. It was one of my favorite gifts.

Saturday night I went to BroadRipple with Paul and Eric, though we didn't stay out until the bars close, as is usual for visits to BR.

Sunday I relaxed, played with the animals, and watched The Graduate with Brandon--we give it a thumbs up. We recently decided to watch every movie that both of us have not seen that appears on the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American Movies list. The Graduate is number 7. Speaking of Dustin Hoffman, he is almost 70 years old--doesn't he look way younger?
In other news, today is my grandpa's birthday. He is 88 years-old--incredible! He had a short stay at the hospital a little while ago, but in general he is doing great. When I grow up I want to be like my G&G--they are so cool. I know that he won't read this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!


At 5/12/2006 3:14 PM, Blogger Lindsey said...

Wait a second; re-reading this I see my original post did publish, even though blogger freaked out while doing so. Sorry for the repeat info!

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