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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Sunday I went to the Indy 500 for the first time. It just seems like the kind of thing you should do when you live here. I went with some folks from work, and it was so fun, but it was so hot, in the 90s and humid. We got to the race about 8:30am, found a nice patch of grass where we could sweat and drink beer, chatted, laughed at the marching bands and the drunk people all around, enjoyed all the pre-race festivities. At 1pm the race started--we ran up to the fence, clinging onto the chain link as we watch the cars make there first few laps. This is all fun. After the first few laps however the cars become a whirring blur. The sun and the humidity and the beer have turned my mind into mush, so I sit on the blanket in a complete daze, reapplying sunscreen every 5 minutes. So fun though!! Even though we didn't stay till the end.

In other news, I have decided that reading my blog is boring to me, and probably to most anyone else who reads it. I like writing it, but re-reading my posts is horrible! Not funny and entertaining and interesting like the other blogs I read. So it is time for blog makeover!!! No more recounting the specific details of my everyday life..."So I went to the grocery store to buy bread; I couldn't decide between the whole grain bread and the multi grain bread..." Blah! Instead this blog is now reserved for the funny, important, and meaningful events of my life, with perhaps more commentary on things in the news, movies I watched, books I read, etc. At the same time I hope to keep the "realness" that Brandon says my blog has--a real compliment. I don't know how good a job I'm doing with this post, but hopefully there will be a slight improvement.

So, what do all the other super hip blogs have? A cool name! Any suggestions for a cool blog name? I'm guessing I have 4 readers max, so the competition is stiff! Leave a comment with you blog name suggestions and you might have the honor of re-naming my blog.

Friday, May 26, 2006


So, the trips I mentioned before...seeing my family on Mothers Day weekend was fun. The girls went into the city on Saturday--Chicago is so awesome and wonderful. We saw Wicked. I liked it a lot. I like the story and the music, and I thought the effects were really cool for some of the scenes. I think that you can tell it is adapted from a book though--some of the character development happens really fast, for no apparent reason, like they had to cut stuff out. I haven't read the book, so I'm not sure how similar they are.

Washington DC was very cool too. It's one of the first places that I've gone for work where there is actually a lot of stuff to do. I didn't stay in the city; I was at a hotel in Old Town Alexandria, which is a very cool place. In Alexandria there are lots of shops, restaurants, etc. It is a good place to just walk around. In DC I get to see/do some of the usual tourist stuff; tourist stuff, but still interesting: White House; Peace Rally with singing and dancing; Washington Monument; WWII Memorial; Korean War Memorial; Lincoln Memorial. Traveling for work is like taking a vacation preview. Somebody else pays for you to go to some other location, and you get to decide if it is worth paying to go back there when you're not working. I would go back to DC, Old Town Alexandria for sure.

By the way, sorry about my last ranting type post. It was one of those days where you just feel like crying or throwing up because you are so stressed out. I am feeling somewhat better about work now.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Last weekend I went to see my family and had a very fun time visiting with them and going into Chicago to see Wicked. Then last week I had a training in Washington DC. Fun time walking around and seeing tourist stuff after training. Spent the weekend hanging out, volunteering a little for Habitat for Humanity; decided last minute not to go with Brandon to Fort Wayne/Warsaw to visit his family because I have hardly been home. Not being home and being busy is also why I haven't posted in a while. Trips home and to DC were cool--posts on them will be coming, but right now I need to take a break from work and vent because I honestly feel like freaking out.

This morning I get into work to the pile of email that has accumulated while I was out. I quickly answer the ones that need attention and spend a stressful few hours preparing to train a new solution for the first time this week. For some reason I have scheduled myself to train for the first time on two different solutions this week and it has me feeling a bit panicked. Later in the afternoon I check our team page for Relay for Life. I am team captain. I see that not one other person has signed up for the team, and I feel like a failure at rallying the company to participate. This afternoon I had a meeting with other people who have so, so nicely volunteered to help me get the team together. I am grateful for their help, but feel like an idiot that I couldn't get even one person to sign up on my own--worry that I look like I just volunteer so that I look good, without actually accomplishing anything. After the meeting I think more about my bad survey from before. It has been bothering me all day--I sent out new training surveys today--first time since the bad one. I decide to check and see if more surveys have come in from that session where I got the bad survey. Yes, more have come in. They are mediocre at best. I feel like I'm a bad trainer, like I don't know how to do my job. I worry that before people just lied and gave me good surveys because they were handing the surveys back into me--maybe now that we use email surveys people will be brave enough to tell the truth and reveal that I really don't do my job well. Please, please let these new surveys come back with good results. This especially makes me stressed out because my one year review is coming up and I don't want all these negative things happening when I go in for my review. On top of that I feel extremely forgetful lately--while visiting my family, I accidentally left my purse in my grandparents car and didn't remember it until they had left for their house--two hours away in Wisconsin. My mom had my birth certificate and a photocopy of my passport which I used to board the plane home. This weekend, after having my purse shipped back to me, I accidentally left it in Target. Luckily I remembered shortly after we had left the store. I also forgot to do a small but important detail while registering a client for training the other day. A co-worker caught my mistake, which would have lost some money for my department if it had not been corrected. I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel like a horrible, horrible failure at everything.

I would love to go home now and get in bed and cry, but I have arranged so that I don't have a ride home until 7--forcing myself to work late today to prevent more stress later this week. Brandon and I are working out together tonite--finally starting on the regular exercise routine I have been trying to get into for months--feels like one of the very few good things that is happening right now. OK, visualize the positive. This week I will start exercising and feel good; Brandon will have more interviews at good companies, not lame ones like his last two; I will get back good surveys from last week's training; I will have successful training sessions this week; people will sign up for Relay for Life; I will get done with everything that needs to be done; EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE OK.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I love reading blogs. They're crazy. Like for some reason a bunch of people, including me, decided to start putting stuff that would normally be private out on the internet where anyone can look at it.

Anyway, given my love of reading blogs, I have several that I check daily. I don't know all (most) of the people who's blogs I read. You know, it's interesting to peer into the life of a stranger. Like a movie, but it's real!

So today I was doing my usual blog check, and I go to one I recently started reading, and I see there is a new post. I think, cool, a new post to read. And then I read the post and I think it's about me! This person has setup her blog so she can track who visits (something I want to do but haven't yet), and she wants to know who is the person from Indianapolis who is reading her blog! Such a strange feeling; like I've been caught. But really, it's not like I'm doing something wrong. I mean, after all, we are putting our "journals" out here on the internet where anyone can read them. It's just kind of a funny feeling to unexpectedly find yourself the topic of a stranger's blog post. Anyway, I made a comment and I wonder if she'll read this now.

I wonder, are there any strangers out there reading my blog?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bad News

1. Brandon didn't get the job that he had three interviews for; the one that he was really excited about. He is pretty bummed out, but he is still applying and hopefully more interviews will come up soon. The lame thing is, that instead of calling him and telling him the news like they said they would, and even though none of their prior correspondence had been thru email, they emailed him a form letter to tell him that he didn't get the job--not very cool of their HR department. If that's the way they are, maybe it's for the best anyway.

2. I got my first bad survey at work. After each training session, we have the attendees fill out surveys. They used to be on paper, and we recently switched over to email surveys. Got back one of the email surveys from my last session, and I had gotten horrible scores! 1s are the best and 5s are the worst. Normally I get mostly 1s and 2s, occasionally 3s. I had never gotten anything worse than that. Until now. 4s and 5s! So I had to talk to my boss about is and I was all upset and worried. My boss is so cool though. I haven't gotten bad surveys before, and she knows that this is bound to happen from time to time. She made me feel a lot better about it, and we talked about ways to avoid these kind of results. It's really not a big deal as long as it doesn't keep happening, and I'm sure it won't. I just feel kind of in a funk because of it though. It was the very first thing that I saw when I came into work this morning. :(

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No Way

Can't believe this works...

Go to, type in failure, and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

On Friday I had my Cinco de Mayo party with Karen and Brandon D from work. It was pretty fun. Good mix of work people, neighbors, and other friends. My friends Christina and Evan came up from Bloomington and Brandon's sister Brittani came from Muncie. :) My cousin Susie who lives in Indy also came with her boyfriend and a friend--we keep trying to get together and we finally did. Lots of other cool people too--fun stuff. The taco bar we setup was a big success; definitely plenty of food and drinks, and good times!
Everyone got along really well, considering that most people didn't know each other before the party. There was one drunken political argument (to be expected), and one of Brandon's co-workers that we invited not knowing she was under 21 freaked out when the cops came (annoying), but other than that everyone was pretty cool with each other. Brandon my boyfriend and Brandon from work finally met each other--Brandon Squared!
Something funny and embarrasing: Toward the beginning of the party, a group of people walked up the driveway while I was in the garage. I went out to greet them. Karen invited some of her friends that I didn't know, and since I didn't know these people I said "Hi, you must be Karen's friends!" I later found that it seemed like I assumed they were Karen's friends because they are Asian and Karen is Asian. Luckily we all laughed about it and I got to explain that that was not what I meant!
Something else funny and embarassing: At one point in the night I ran around the house announcing that it was time for the pinata. When I finally got everyone out in the garage, the pinata that I had been so excited about was busted with two swings of the bat. And the candy didn't even fall out. The body just seperated from the head and fell to the ground--I had to shake it around so that the candy flew all over--awesome!
Yes, the cops did come, as I mentioned earlier. I was expecting it. One of my neighbors really likes to call the cops on parties, and I'm pretty sure she's the one who called on us. The first time one cop came over; he was pretty cool and just told us to keep it down. The second time the cops came though, three of them came in three seperate squad cars, which they used to block the whole street so that no renegade partygoers could jump in their getaway cars and drive away. One of them told me that if he had to come out a third time, he was going to charge us with disorderly conduct and arrest us and take us to jail. In my head I was thinking that I was pretty sure the worst they could do was give me a noise ticket, since we were all at my house and not out in the street. I was only thinking this, but Susie's boyfriend Cory is the type who likes to say these things out loud--he says, "What are you going to arrest us for? You can't arrest us!" It was kind of funny. Then he looks at the pinata giraffe head that is still hanging by a rope from the balcony and the mixture of pinata candy, bottle caps, and cigarette butts on the driveway and asks me if I'm going to clean that up because it's not very nice for my neighbors--this I thought was really funny since there was only enough trash on my property to be unsightly and not illegal, and that falls more into the realm of the Homeowners Association.
Looking back, I really could've gotten in trouble because a couple minors were there. But at the time the cops came and I was outside, I didn't know that that one girl was under 21 and also being really drunk and stupid. I was just thinking of Britt who either wasn't drinking or was not drinking a lot, and sitting calmly in the house, so I wasn't worried about it.
Next day was spent cleaning and relaxing. Especially relaxing since we didn't go to bed until 6am. It actually wasn't too bad--Cory had picked up a lot of cups and other stuff before leaving, and Paul helped me clean the garage and driveway. I have good friends. I was so surprised when I went to clean the kitchen and found that even though people had been drinking margaritas all night, so many people brought over tequila I actually had more of it after the party than I did before! Thanks friends for your generous contributions to my liquor cabinet! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated our fiesta--come over again and we'll get rid of that left over tequila!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rochester Airport

Training is done. Went pretty well, thanks. I am currently at the airport. Let me tell you about the Rochester Airport in Rochester, MN. When you drive up there is a large parking lot, 1/2 for parking and 1/2 for rental cars. When you enter the aiport you are in a large room that holds the baggage claim, the rental car counters, and the ticket counters--no question about standing in line for the kiosk here--they don't have them. A little further back, after passing through security, there is a book and magazine shop, and a small restuarant. Two of the six gates are located downstairs. The others are located on the second floor. So small!

I am excited to go home. I am getting in at midnight. I may go into work for a bit, but it is not required since tomorrow is my "travel day." I will probably spend a lot of time getting ready for the Cinco de Mayo party at my house--awesome!

You know what else is awesome? Dudes who yell into their cellphones in a quiet airport terminal. Thanks for including me in your conversation! I feel a lot closer to you airport terminal stranger.

In other news, the dog that I mentioned in my last post has been returned to his owner! I guess he ran away and they have been looking for him for two months. I would definitely be freaking out if that was my dog. Brandon's mom said that the lady who came to pick him up was crying because she was so happy. Glad he is back with his family. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Travel Day

Today is my travel day. I got up early, packed, went to work to finish a few last minute things, then left for the airport. Brandon gave me a ride, which was so sweet--so much better than taking a cab. THANKS sweetie!

My first flight left Indy at 10:49; a small plane to Chicago. I had to check luggage today, which I normally don't do when I travel for work. You see, when we do training, we ship binders of training documentation prior to the training. But I totally forgot to do this in time for the binders to arrive before the training. So I decided to just pack them in my suitcase, no problem. I took the same piece of luggage I always do, so it was small enough to take as a carry-on, but it was a lot heavier than normal, and I know I wouldn't be able to lift it over my head into the bins on the airplane. But even though I had to check baggage, the check-in was super quick. No line up to the kiosk*, and hardly any line in security.

The flight to Chicago was fine. You know how little planes have the row of seats that is just a single seat? That's where I was sitting. I like that. The only bad thing was that the guy in front of me was really smelly. Not really that spicy BO smell, more of a musty smell. It was gross. I put on my Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers and rubbed a little under my nose so that I would smell that instead of the guy. Then I went to sleep until the flight was almost over. You're hardly in the air flying from Indy to Chicago. I woke up as we were landing. The clouds were those kind that are flat on the side that is pointed toward the ground and all fluffy on the sky side. They looked really cool as we were flying through them. I loved that when I was little.

We took off and landed a little late, so I was in a bit of a hurry at the O'hare airport trying to make my connection. It was no problem though. When I started traveling for work, I heard from so many people how awful it is to travel through O'hare. I didn't understand--growing up outside of Chicago, this is always the airport my family flew out of. Then I thought, maybe it is not bad if you are traveling out of O'hare, but it is if you are making a connection. But now I have had to make several connections out of O'hare. I still don't see what the big deal is. I think that perhaps it is because I am used to the layout of that airport? When we were little, Mom and Dad would always have Matt and me find the way to the gate. I think this is a good thing for all kids to do. That's what I plan to do. We were very lucky that we got to travel a lot as a family--thanks Mom and Dad. I can't even remember my first plane ride.

Back to the today...flight from O'hare to the Rochester Municpal Airport was on another little plane; quick flight. I sat down again in the single seat aisle, and got settled in. Then suddenly it hit me--BO! What is with me sitting behind and across from smelly people today. Weird.

As we landed, I looked out on Rochester--lots of farms it seems. I love the way crop fields look from above--beautiful squares of green, brown, and gold. I would like to live on a farm, when I have kids. We'd have dogs and cats (all neutered and spayed of course, even if they are barn cats!), chickens, maybe a piggie or a goat. But I hate to drive; I want to live on a farm that is within walking distance of a cool little town with restaurants and shops, neighbors, etc. There also has to be a train station in the town that I can walk to; I should be able to get to a big city via train within 1 hour. Where can I live that would be like this? If you know, you should tell me!

My luggage didn't arrive at the airport with me. They said not to worry, it would come in on the next flight, and they would deliver to my hotel by 5:30. When I woke up from my nap at 6 and the luggage was still not here, I started to get concerned--I was afraid I'd have to go to Wal-Mart to buy some clothes for tomorrow and makeup and a toothbrush, etc. But a little after 6 the front desk called--my luggage arrived! Awesome!

In other news, Brandon had this third interview at the same company today! Everything looks really good so far. He feels that everything has gone really well, and that the only thing going against him is the fact that he doesn't have any experience. He is supposed to find out by Monday. Everyone think good thoughts for him please!

Also, is anyone looking for a dog? Brandon's parents found a stray dog. He is very obedient and friendly they say (I haven't met him). He is mostly white and kind of looks like a boxer. They have had a Found ad in the paper for a couple of days, but no response. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you more info!

*You know how airlines have the self check-in kiosks? Some say check-in with baggage, some say check-in without baggage. One of my co-workers and I, as well as my mom, believe that you can go right up to the kiosks if they are free, or wait behind the person who is currently using the kiosk if it is occupied. You only have to wait in the main line if you want to have an agent check you in. Otherwise, why would the kiosks be open a lot of the time, even when there is a line to see an agent? But one of my co-workers swears that we're line jumpers, and that everyone is mad at us when we do that. If you travel and you know what I'm talking about, post a comment--what is your position on using the kiosk--do you have to wait in the main line or not?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Foxy is a Bad Dog

I was sitting on the couch just now, watching a movie with Brandon and reading someone else's blog. I am full from delicious lasagna dinner, there are candles lit all around, Kitty and Foxy are laying around us on the floor. Foxy is chewing on her nylabone. It is perfect. Then, suddenly I realize that the sounds of Foxy chewing have changed. I look down, and see she is now chewing on a $20 bill. I quickly grab it from her mouth. Only the corner is gone; it's still spendable. But, I had two $20s in my purse. I empty my purse, look through everything. Yup, first $20 is definitely gone. That was Foxy's most expensive treat ever.

May Day

Today is my only day at the office this week. Tomorrow I leave for Rochester, MN, where I will be doing some training. I'll be out for the rest of the week. The day before I leave for training is always kind of stressful for some reason. I don't think it's inherently stessful--I just am easily stressed out, and I don't do anything in particular to make it not stressful. That is my goal for my next trip (Washington DC on the week of the 15th). Next trip, no stress--it's going to be great!

In other news, I had some photos taken yesterday. One of the guys that I work with is a photographer. His wife owns a salon in BroadRipple. He takes photos for her to use on the salon's website, hang up in the waiting area, etc. They just started carrying a new line of makeup, so they were looking for people to do up with crazy makeup and hair to promote the new line. He asked me to come do some photos, so I got to get all done up and get my picture taken. There were about 8 girls or so. It was fun, and I got free hair stuff and makeup! He's still going through the photos, but he sent me a couple that he likes so far:

I don't think I even look like myself in these pics.

You can't see it as well because the pics are small here, but the makeup is really crazy around my eyes--charcoal eyeshadow, teal liner, teal eyebrows, long false eyelashes. Lots of shimmery stuff too. And lots of hairspray.

It is weird to look at these photos. It is like listening to a tape of yourself singing.

It was fun though, to do these photos.

Note: I just showed these photos to Brandon. He said it looks like I'm not wearing a shirt. I am, however, wearing a shirt in these photos. In case you're wondering. He also said I kind of reminded him of Poison Ivy. I love Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman Forever. I wish I looked this cool!