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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

On Friday I had my Cinco de Mayo party with Karen and Brandon D from work. It was pretty fun. Good mix of work people, neighbors, and other friends. My friends Christina and Evan came up from Bloomington and Brandon's sister Brittani came from Muncie. :) My cousin Susie who lives in Indy also came with her boyfriend and a friend--we keep trying to get together and we finally did. Lots of other cool people too--fun stuff. The taco bar we setup was a big success; definitely plenty of food and drinks, and good times!
Everyone got along really well, considering that most people didn't know each other before the party. There was one drunken political argument (to be expected), and one of Brandon's co-workers that we invited not knowing she was under 21 freaked out when the cops came (annoying), but other than that everyone was pretty cool with each other. Brandon my boyfriend and Brandon from work finally met each other--Brandon Squared!
Something funny and embarrasing: Toward the beginning of the party, a group of people walked up the driveway while I was in the garage. I went out to greet them. Karen invited some of her friends that I didn't know, and since I didn't know these people I said "Hi, you must be Karen's friends!" I later found that it seemed like I assumed they were Karen's friends because they are Asian and Karen is Asian. Luckily we all laughed about it and I got to explain that that was not what I meant!
Something else funny and embarassing: At one point in the night I ran around the house announcing that it was time for the pinata. When I finally got everyone out in the garage, the pinata that I had been so excited about was busted with two swings of the bat. And the candy didn't even fall out. The body just seperated from the head and fell to the ground--I had to shake it around so that the candy flew all over--awesome!
Yes, the cops did come, as I mentioned earlier. I was expecting it. One of my neighbors really likes to call the cops on parties, and I'm pretty sure she's the one who called on us. The first time one cop came over; he was pretty cool and just told us to keep it down. The second time the cops came though, three of them came in three seperate squad cars, which they used to block the whole street so that no renegade partygoers could jump in their getaway cars and drive away. One of them told me that if he had to come out a third time, he was going to charge us with disorderly conduct and arrest us and take us to jail. In my head I was thinking that I was pretty sure the worst they could do was give me a noise ticket, since we were all at my house and not out in the street. I was only thinking this, but Susie's boyfriend Cory is the type who likes to say these things out loud--he says, "What are you going to arrest us for? You can't arrest us!" It was kind of funny. Then he looks at the pinata giraffe head that is still hanging by a rope from the balcony and the mixture of pinata candy, bottle caps, and cigarette butts on the driveway and asks me if I'm going to clean that up because it's not very nice for my neighbors--this I thought was really funny since there was only enough trash on my property to be unsightly and not illegal, and that falls more into the realm of the Homeowners Association.
Looking back, I really could've gotten in trouble because a couple minors were there. But at the time the cops came and I was outside, I didn't know that that one girl was under 21 and also being really drunk and stupid. I was just thinking of Britt who either wasn't drinking or was not drinking a lot, and sitting calmly in the house, so I wasn't worried about it.
Next day was spent cleaning and relaxing. Especially relaxing since we didn't go to bed until 6am. It actually wasn't too bad--Cory had picked up a lot of cups and other stuff before leaving, and Paul helped me clean the garage and driveway. I have good friends. I was so surprised when I went to clean the kitchen and found that even though people had been drinking margaritas all night, so many people brought over tequila I actually had more of it after the party than I did before! Thanks friends for your generous contributions to my liquor cabinet! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated our fiesta--come over again and we'll get rid of that left over tequila!


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