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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rochester Airport

Training is done. Went pretty well, thanks. I am currently at the airport. Let me tell you about the Rochester Airport in Rochester, MN. When you drive up there is a large parking lot, 1/2 for parking and 1/2 for rental cars. When you enter the aiport you are in a large room that holds the baggage claim, the rental car counters, and the ticket counters--no question about standing in line for the kiosk here--they don't have them. A little further back, after passing through security, there is a book and magazine shop, and a small restuarant. Two of the six gates are located downstairs. The others are located on the second floor. So small!

I am excited to go home. I am getting in at midnight. I may go into work for a bit, but it is not required since tomorrow is my "travel day." I will probably spend a lot of time getting ready for the Cinco de Mayo party at my house--awesome!

You know what else is awesome? Dudes who yell into their cellphones in a quiet airport terminal. Thanks for including me in your conversation! I feel a lot closer to you airport terminal stranger.

In other news, the dog that I mentioned in my last post has been returned to his owner! I guess he ran away and they have been looking for him for two months. I would definitely be freaking out if that was my dog. Brandon's mom said that the lady who came to pick him up was crying because she was so happy. Glad he is back with his family. :)


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