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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Travel Day

Today is my travel day. I got up early, packed, went to work to finish a few last minute things, then left for the airport. Brandon gave me a ride, which was so sweet--so much better than taking a cab. THANKS sweetie!

My first flight left Indy at 10:49; a small plane to Chicago. I had to check luggage today, which I normally don't do when I travel for work. You see, when we do training, we ship binders of training documentation prior to the training. But I totally forgot to do this in time for the binders to arrive before the training. So I decided to just pack them in my suitcase, no problem. I took the same piece of luggage I always do, so it was small enough to take as a carry-on, but it was a lot heavier than normal, and I know I wouldn't be able to lift it over my head into the bins on the airplane. But even though I had to check baggage, the check-in was super quick. No line up to the kiosk*, and hardly any line in security.

The flight to Chicago was fine. You know how little planes have the row of seats that is just a single seat? That's where I was sitting. I like that. The only bad thing was that the guy in front of me was really smelly. Not really that spicy BO smell, more of a musty smell. It was gross. I put on my Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers and rubbed a little under my nose so that I would smell that instead of the guy. Then I went to sleep until the flight was almost over. You're hardly in the air flying from Indy to Chicago. I woke up as we were landing. The clouds were those kind that are flat on the side that is pointed toward the ground and all fluffy on the sky side. They looked really cool as we were flying through them. I loved that when I was little.

We took off and landed a little late, so I was in a bit of a hurry at the O'hare airport trying to make my connection. It was no problem though. When I started traveling for work, I heard from so many people how awful it is to travel through O'hare. I didn't understand--growing up outside of Chicago, this is always the airport my family flew out of. Then I thought, maybe it is not bad if you are traveling out of O'hare, but it is if you are making a connection. But now I have had to make several connections out of O'hare. I still don't see what the big deal is. I think that perhaps it is because I am used to the layout of that airport? When we were little, Mom and Dad would always have Matt and me find the way to the gate. I think this is a good thing for all kids to do. That's what I plan to do. We were very lucky that we got to travel a lot as a family--thanks Mom and Dad. I can't even remember my first plane ride.

Back to the today...flight from O'hare to the Rochester Municpal Airport was on another little plane; quick flight. I sat down again in the single seat aisle, and got settled in. Then suddenly it hit me--BO! What is with me sitting behind and across from smelly people today. Weird.

As we landed, I looked out on Rochester--lots of farms it seems. I love the way crop fields look from above--beautiful squares of green, brown, and gold. I would like to live on a farm, when I have kids. We'd have dogs and cats (all neutered and spayed of course, even if they are barn cats!), chickens, maybe a piggie or a goat. But I hate to drive; I want to live on a farm that is within walking distance of a cool little town with restaurants and shops, neighbors, etc. There also has to be a train station in the town that I can walk to; I should be able to get to a big city via train within 1 hour. Where can I live that would be like this? If you know, you should tell me!

My luggage didn't arrive at the airport with me. They said not to worry, it would come in on the next flight, and they would deliver to my hotel by 5:30. When I woke up from my nap at 6 and the luggage was still not here, I started to get concerned--I was afraid I'd have to go to Wal-Mart to buy some clothes for tomorrow and makeup and a toothbrush, etc. But a little after 6 the front desk called--my luggage arrived! Awesome!

In other news, Brandon had this third interview at the same company today! Everything looks really good so far. He feels that everything has gone really well, and that the only thing going against him is the fact that he doesn't have any experience. He is supposed to find out by Monday. Everyone think good thoughts for him please!

Also, is anyone looking for a dog? Brandon's parents found a stray dog. He is very obedient and friendly they say (I haven't met him). He is mostly white and kind of looks like a boxer. They have had a Found ad in the paper for a couple of days, but no response. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you more info!

*You know how airlines have the self check-in kiosks? Some say check-in with baggage, some say check-in without baggage. One of my co-workers and I, as well as my mom, believe that you can go right up to the kiosks if they are free, or wait behind the person who is currently using the kiosk if it is occupied. You only have to wait in the main line if you want to have an agent check you in. Otherwise, why would the kiosks be open a lot of the time, even when there is a line to see an agent? But one of my co-workers swears that we're line jumpers, and that everyone is mad at us when we do that. If you travel and you know what I'm talking about, post a comment--what is your position on using the kiosk--do you have to wait in the main line or not?


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