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Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Getting a Shredder

You'll want to too, after you read this. Seriously read it, it's funny and informational, and from one of my favorite sites.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


When I was in high school most weekends you could find me at the movies, or hanging out at Borders, or bowling or something like that. But when I went to college, those activities got mostly replaced with going to house parties and the bars. All are fun, but I'm trying to do more of that "high school" stuff now, especially going to the movies. I love seeing movies at the theatre. I think the whole experience is enhanced seeing it on a big screen, with blasting sound, surrounded by other people. For example, Jaws is a great movie. My brother and I used to rent it and watch it on the tiny TV he had in his room. And we loved it. Then in college I took a film studies class, and we were going to watch Jaws. We did a movie viewings in a large classroom that really was setup like a small movie theatre, including the big screen. A lot of the people in my class had never seen Jaws before, and it was so fun to be watching it in a group with people gasping and screaming. So in my book, going to the movies is way worth the extra cost. You have to smuggle in drinks and candy of course, but the ticket is worth it.
A few weeks ago I was looking at the upcoming movies on IMDb, and I was so excited. So many good summer movies! But so far, I've been kind of disappointed.
First Brandon and I saw The DaVinci Code. It was fine, and I really liked some parts of it. And I love Audrey Tatou. But I didn't leave the theatre thinking, Wow! And of course, like all movies that are based on a book, the book was better.
Next we went to see The Breakup. I admit, the was fully my idea, and Brandon did not want to go. Sure, I had read the bad reviews, but I still wanted to see it. Bad move on my part; it is not funny.
Then last night we went to go see Nacho Libre, a movie we were both looking forward to. It stars Jack Black, and looks pretty funny. Well, we were most definitely wrong. There are a few funny things that Jack Black does, but the story line is not good. It is not even funny in a stupid way. I didn't like the story. The more I think about it, the more I dislike it.
I hope I see something good soon, or I'm going to get discouraged from my resolution of going to see movies more often.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Takin' a little break from work. I've got stuff planned pretty much non-stop from 10-4, so I thought I'd take a break now. I flew to my parents over the weekend, and we had a fun time celebrating my mom's birthday on Friday, and Father's Day on Sunday. Also had a grad party on Saturday. Busy weekend. It was so fun though. I love hanging out with my family. I flew home on Sunday night, and Brandon left his mom and stepdad's house to come get me. His stepbrother Travis had been visiting the fam as well; he came up to the house that night too. Then our friend Demus called, saying that he was on his way back from northern Indiana, and he wasn't too far away. He came over too! And I was like, Crazy! So weird how it just worked out that two of my good friends from college were in the neighborhood at the same time. We had so much fun, though we did have to drive around in the rain to find a bar. You see, I don't normally go out to the bars at 10pm on a Sunday anymore. This being a little suburb, and not a college town, it took us awhile to find something. It was so fun though. I miss college.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Last night I re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is such a good movie! I loved it in the theatre and I still love it. Anyways, Kate Winlet's character says something about obsessing over not living life to the fullest, not taking advantage of the short amount of time that we have. And I thought Yes! Yes, that is how I feel so often. My life is generally so awesome, and I am so very lucky, yet I have many regrets. Regrets from every "era" of my life--college, high school, back until I can't remember anymore. And almost everyone of them is something I wish I should have done, some new experience I should have given myself. And just generally, I should have gone out more. It is so hard for me to get motivated to go out when I'm tired, or I feel ugly, or something stupid like that. And I decided I don't want to waste time doing things that aren't fun. And for five minutes I resolved that I would only do things that I was super enthusiastic about, that sounded like the funnest (most fun?) or most meaningful time ever. But then I realized, OK, that is not possible. Or even desirable. Like working isn't the best time ever, but there are things about it that are rewarding and enjoyable, and it enables me to have money so that I can do other fun things. Blogging isn't the best time ever, but it is something small that is fun. I like it. I don't want to stop doing it. Or volunteering. Every volunteer experience isn't going to be the most meaningful ever, but that doesn't mean I should volunteer less. So I decided instead to just try to do more things that are special and fun and meaningful and important, but they don't have to be the best ever. Also, I decided I miss acting a lot. Doing a show is not really possible with my job right now, but someday when I'm older I feel I will get back into it, and I need to be ready for that. And one last thought I had--what is the point of doing stuff that is bad for me, unless it is really worth it? Eating junk food is not fun enough to shorten my life over it. Ocassionally smoking isn't fun enough to shorten my life over it. Duh! So here are my summer resolutions:

1. Always be reading something--especially read more plays and more non-fiction

2. Get up and get ready everyday like something is going to happen; if nothing seems to be going on, find something to do

3. Plan more social stuff--I'm not talking just about big parties; I like having dinner parties, and I want movie night, and game night!

4. Go out to the theatre more often--live theatre and the movies

5. Get to know my town more, and find fun things to do here

7. Organize and streamline house/affairs so boring things like chores are done as quickly and as easily as possible

8. Only spend money on things that seem really worthwhile

9. Continue to exercise and eat healthily every single day

10. Get enough sleep during the week; don't oversleep on the weekends

11. Start volunteering outside of Community Outreach Committee at work

12. Find new hobby or learn something new...Spanish...guitar...sewing? I haven't decided yet.

13. Go to the pool more often--difficult resolution, I know. But seriously, the pool is the social center of my neighborhood, but I've only gone there once because I haven't made time to go and relax and hang out with my friends

14. Find cool stuff to do on every work trip

Well, I really wanted the list to be under 10, but that's not too bad. I'm seriously gonna check back soon and see how I'm doing.

Update: I am adding one more--15. Quit biting my nails! It is gross, and I probably look stupid with my hands in front of my face all the time--break out the nail polish!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Needing a Car

Awhile back I sold my car. I had been having problems with it, was annoyed with it, and also had no savings. So selling my car and getting this extra money seemed like a great idea. I arranged for carpooling to work, and it didn't seem like a big deal. Between my boyfriend, friends, and co-workers, I almost always have a ride. Most of my friends live in my neighborhood, and there is a Meijer within walking distance. I can even walk to work if I need to (albeit across a busy, busy street). I started flying to Chicago to see my parents instead of driving. Not that I was planning on being carless forever. I just wanted to save up a bit. I think I will get a car at the end of the summer. Though many people think it is so strange, not having a car is usually not a big deal. I carefully try not to constantly ask for rides, and sometimes I convince myself that I am hip and almost European in not having a car. But occasionally not having a car, living in an area with no public transportation, really sucks. Like right now. I am ready to go home from work. I want to take a shower and then go to a bar with my neighbors. But, the guy I ride with is in a meeting, and even if we leave in the next 5 minutes I won't have time to take a shower, and I might not even be able to catch a ride with my friends when they head to the bar. Oh yay, my ride's here! Ha ha ha. Bye!

Monday, June 12, 2006


This weekend Brandon and I treated his almost 11-year old sister to a weekend of birthday fun. We didn't end up going to the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight, because it was cold and wet, and we were too busy doing other stuff. We went to the Indy Zoo and White River Gardens, and then to see Deep Sea 3D at the Imax theatre. The gardens are so beautiful, and there are so many! It would probably be really cool on a sunny day when there isn't a gallon of water in your shoes. And the 3D Imax movie was incredible! It was narrated by Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp, and was so cool and interesting. It costs the same as going to a regular movie. The show is not quite as long, but it so much cooler--totally worth it. Now the zoo, I'm not sure how I feel about the zoo. I like seeing the animals, and I think it can be a great educational place. I'm glad that endangered species can be kept safe and bred at zoos. But, at the same time, it seems to me, someone who is really not educated in animal behavior, that most of the animals just don't have enough room! Not that they are in really tiny cages, but when you think about the thousands of miles that many animals roam throughout the year, there is really no way a zoo can replicate that for all of the animals. I don't really know enough about it; I'm just not sure how I feel about the zoo. If you are making a trip to the Indy zoo, be sure to check out the dolphin dome. Standing in the dome, you look up into the dolphin tank. You can see the dolphins swimming by, and the light coming through the water creates an awesome effect. Very peaceful, except for the constant shushing. Shhhh, shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's in a Name?

I'm at work and I just overheard two guys talking over my cube wall (cube is the hip thing to call a cubicle I guess, I didn't know that until I started working here). Anyway, they were talking about one of our clients who has a non-gender specific name, like Pat or Terry. I was half eavesdropping because I thought it was kind of funny, when one of them goes "I hate those bisexual names." Then there was kind of an awkward pause as both guys realized bisexual doesn't really describe the situation they were talking about, and then they both walked away in opposite dirrections. Ha ha ha.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Baby Chickens

I love spring/summer, when it is warm, but not sweltering, and there is a breeze. This weekend Brandon and I went to a show a The Phoenix Theatre in Indy. He took me there on a surprise date--I love surprise dates! So sweet. :) It was our first time there, and it is such a cool theatre. We definitely plan to go back. The show was called The Pillowman, which is an odd show, but good. Very dark. Prior to the show we strolled all around, and found the best store, Global Gifts. It is actually a non-profit organization that goes to impoverished areas of the world, buys crafts and goods made by the people living there, and sells them here. It is all fair trade, and very awesome.

Today I went into work at 7am to prep for a training session I had this morning. Since I went in early, I got to leave a lot earlier than I normally do. Hence, I am able to watch Family Feud, one of my favorite game shows. On the show today, one of the questions was "what do chickens do?" One person answers lay eggs, which was one of the top answers. The next person in their family to answer says that chickens lay baby chickens. You mean eggs? Ha ha ha.

In an unrelated story, everyone who lives around here should go to the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight. Come this Saturday, I'm totally there.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Veg Menu

Ha, ha ha. I LOVE it when that happens. Right.

Check out this awesome website that a coworker told me about that has an international guide to vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants. No more grilled cheese/iceberg lettuce salad/veggie side dish dinners. Whoo!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I heard about this story via another blog I read. I man in Oregan who ran over a dog multiple times, thus killing it, got 90 days in jail for animal abuse and has been ordered to pay the family $56,400. If you accidentally hit and injure or kill a dog that runs out in the street, that is sad for everyone. But if you are a deranged sicko who runs over a dog multiple times and drives away without stopping when the family comes to the scene, you deserve to pay a hefty sum, and deserve more than 90 days in jail in my opinion. Anybody did something cruel like that to my babies would see my RAGE! I would be taking that sucker to court and persecuting them in every way possible. I hope that the family gets some comfort from the court decision, and the support of people like me who sympathize with them. Animal abuse. How do people do it?! There is something seriously wrong with people like that. The guy should be ordered to get psychiatric help.
If animal abuse makes you, like me, want to puke, check out the ASPCA link to the right--such a great organization. There are lots of ways to get involved in the prevention of animal abuse, support animal friendly laws, reduce the stray population, etc.