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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


When I was in high school most weekends you could find me at the movies, or hanging out at Borders, or bowling or something like that. But when I went to college, those activities got mostly replaced with going to house parties and the bars. All are fun, but I'm trying to do more of that "high school" stuff now, especially going to the movies. I love seeing movies at the theatre. I think the whole experience is enhanced seeing it on a big screen, with blasting sound, surrounded by other people. For example, Jaws is a great movie. My brother and I used to rent it and watch it on the tiny TV he had in his room. And we loved it. Then in college I took a film studies class, and we were going to watch Jaws. We did a movie viewings in a large classroom that really was setup like a small movie theatre, including the big screen. A lot of the people in my class had never seen Jaws before, and it was so fun to be watching it in a group with people gasping and screaming. So in my book, going to the movies is way worth the extra cost. You have to smuggle in drinks and candy of course, but the ticket is worth it.
A few weeks ago I was looking at the upcoming movies on IMDb, and I was so excited. So many good summer movies! But so far, I've been kind of disappointed.
First Brandon and I saw The DaVinci Code. It was fine, and I really liked some parts of it. And I love Audrey Tatou. But I didn't leave the theatre thinking, Wow! And of course, like all movies that are based on a book, the book was better.
Next we went to see The Breakup. I admit, the was fully my idea, and Brandon did not want to go. Sure, I had read the bad reviews, but I still wanted to see it. Bad move on my part; it is not funny.
Then last night we went to go see Nacho Libre, a movie we were both looking forward to. It stars Jack Black, and looks pretty funny. Well, we were most definitely wrong. There are a few funny things that Jack Black does, but the story line is not good. It is not even funny in a stupid way. I didn't like the story. The more I think about it, the more I dislike it.
I hope I see something good soon, or I'm going to get discouraged from my resolution of going to see movies more often.


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