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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Needing a Car

Awhile back I sold my car. I had been having problems with it, was annoyed with it, and also had no savings. So selling my car and getting this extra money seemed like a great idea. I arranged for carpooling to work, and it didn't seem like a big deal. Between my boyfriend, friends, and co-workers, I almost always have a ride. Most of my friends live in my neighborhood, and there is a Meijer within walking distance. I can even walk to work if I need to (albeit across a busy, busy street). I started flying to Chicago to see my parents instead of driving. Not that I was planning on being carless forever. I just wanted to save up a bit. I think I will get a car at the end of the summer. Though many people think it is so strange, not having a car is usually not a big deal. I carefully try not to constantly ask for rides, and sometimes I convince myself that I am hip and almost European in not having a car. But occasionally not having a car, living in an area with no public transportation, really sucks. Like right now. I am ready to go home from work. I want to take a shower and then go to a bar with my neighbors. But, the guy I ride with is in a meeting, and even if we leave in the next 5 minutes I won't have time to take a shower, and I might not even be able to catch a ride with my friends when they head to the bar. Oh yay, my ride's here! Ha ha ha. Bye!


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