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Thursday, June 01, 2006


I heard about this story via another blog I read. I man in Oregan who ran over a dog multiple times, thus killing it, got 90 days in jail for animal abuse and has been ordered to pay the family $56,400. If you accidentally hit and injure or kill a dog that runs out in the street, that is sad for everyone. But if you are a deranged sicko who runs over a dog multiple times and drives away without stopping when the family comes to the scene, you deserve to pay a hefty sum, and deserve more than 90 days in jail in my opinion. Anybody did something cruel like that to my babies would see my RAGE! I would be taking that sucker to court and persecuting them in every way possible. I hope that the family gets some comfort from the court decision, and the support of people like me who sympathize with them. Animal abuse. How do people do it?! There is something seriously wrong with people like that. The guy should be ordered to get psychiatric help.
If animal abuse makes you, like me, want to puke, check out the ASPCA link to the right--such a great organization. There are lots of ways to get involved in the prevention of animal abuse, support animal friendly laws, reduce the stray population, etc.


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