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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Takin' a little break from work. I've got stuff planned pretty much non-stop from 10-4, so I thought I'd take a break now. I flew to my parents over the weekend, and we had a fun time celebrating my mom's birthday on Friday, and Father's Day on Sunday. Also had a grad party on Saturday. Busy weekend. It was so fun though. I love hanging out with my family. I flew home on Sunday night, and Brandon left his mom and stepdad's house to come get me. His stepbrother Travis had been visiting the fam as well; he came up to the house that night too. Then our friend Demus called, saying that he was on his way back from northern Indiana, and he wasn't too far away. He came over too! And I was like, Crazy! So weird how it just worked out that two of my good friends from college were in the neighborhood at the same time. We had so much fun, though we did have to drive around in the rain to find a bar. You see, I don't normally go out to the bars at 10pm on a Sunday anymore. This being a little suburb, and not a college town, it took us awhile to find something. It was so fun though. I miss college.


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