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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Ahh...this weekend at home has been so nice and relaxing. I had two back-to-back trips for work, and have been gone the majority of the past two weeks. It is really nice to be home after that. It is so hot outside, so I've mostly just been hanging around the house. I live on the edge of a small woodsy area, and I can hear the cicadas humming even through the closed windows. Cicadas always make me think of the hottest, slowest part of summer. This is the time, when I was younger, that I would start to look forward to the start of the school year.
I went to school at IU, and in Bloomington, they don't just have the regular cicadas, they have 17-year cicadas. I was in Bloomington the summer before my senior year, and witnessed the coming of the 17-year cicadas. Normal cicadas live underground for a year, until summertime, when they emerge to mate, and then they die. 17-year cicadas don't come annually (duh) like regular cicadas, but appear only every 17 years. They are bigger and louder. When they emerge from the ground, they come in hoards. Walking through campus, where there a lot of trees, you had to raise your voice to carry on a conversation over the high-pitched droning. Imagine thousand of regular cicadas, then multiple the sound by 17. It was almost impossible to walk without stepping on them. At least a few cicadas would get in your house--very fun for the cat. You could also easily get cicadas in your car if driving with the windows down. My friend Rob had the bad fortune of getting two cicadas in his car--if you are a pizza delivery guy, it is not very fun to have those things buzzing at you for 8 or more hours at a time. If the 17-year cicadas did get in your car or house, you pretty much had to wait for them to die. You see, if you come near a 17-year cicada, it doesn't scurry away or try to hide, it jumps at your face. The cat was the only one who could handle these cicada attacks. Once all of the cicadas finally started to die, you would find their little carcasses on the sidewalk, stuck in your screens, everywhere. It was kind of gross, and they're insanely loud droning was kind of annoying, but I was glad that I got to witness the 17-year cicadas. How many people have gotten to see that?


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