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Friday, July 28, 2006

Help, I Don't Know How to Use a Computer

Because I am a software trainer, people often mistakenly think I know a lot about computers, including all software programs, writing code, etc. This actually could not be further from the truth. Many people who have known me for a long time, me included, were surprised when I got a job at a software company. Sure I can type with my fingers in the appropriate asdf jkl; position, I can use Word, and a little in Excel and PowerPoint, and I can navigate the internet. Other than that, pretty much everything I know about computers I learned at this job, most of it pertaining directly to my job and not computer use in general. For example, I am currently on an airplane. I really don’t know if or how I can use the internet while flying. This is extremely embarrassing to me. Right now I am connected to a “Peer-to-Peer” wireless connection. I really don’t know what this means. And though my computer says I have a connection, I can’t get on the internet. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to get on the internet on the plane, though I have seen other people do it. I am currently typing this in Word, and plan to copy and paste it into my blog later. If anyone out there knows about using the internet on a plane, you should tell me what to do. Don’t laugh at me, I can’t help it.

PS: I really am not bad at my job; I do actually know how to use the software I train on, and more importantly I know to teach other people to use it. Co-workers, if you are reading this, do not think I’m incompetent. Ha ha ha.


At 7/28/2006 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

training software is fun, using compters is fun, i think fun stuff is okay. you should like to use competur for work and not working like fun things not at work. i look at internet with my computerr. my cmputer has a keyboardmouse witch mayk it type and click on internet.



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