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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes, I just can't think of a title that aptly describes what I'm talking about in this post

Hey everyone, you may have noticed that all the links have been removed from my blog. You see, I eventually messed them up so badly, I just ended up resetting the template. Now I have to add my links back in. I'm going to do it a bit differently this time. Before I had links to most of my favorite websites, but I don't really need to do this. Like, I can link to the ASPCA because I love it, but most people have heard of the ASPCA, and if they wanted to go to their site, they'd just google it. So, over the week I'll be adding cool links back in, but only to other blogs and sites you might not have heard of before.

I have recently started reading several newspapers online. Usually I get all of my news from NPR. This is a great source, but I realized that I really should mix it up a bit, so I started reading lots of different papers. Whenever I need a little break from work I read the headlines, and scan the articles that look interesting. Well, I just read about the plane crash in KY. Sounds pretty strange; I wonder what happened. I know that air travel is much safer than traveling by car, but I wish I'd stop hearing scary news reports about flying right before I'm about to get on a plane. I fly into Dulles tomorrow morning. At 6am--yes! Yes, I know, it's early, but it's a direct flight, and that's a rare thing when flying out of Indianapolis, so it's worth it!

Now let's distract ourselves from plane crashes with fun visual effects!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Last week I went to Irvine, CA for work. I fell asleep with the TV on on Wednesday night, and woke up on Thursday to the news about the foiled terrorist attacks. I got a little upset. I started crying. I knew that nothing would happen, but that is not the kind of news you want to hear the day you are going to get on a plane. I really love traveling for work. Except for being away from home after working hours, it is my favorite part of my job. But still, every once and awhile, it bums me out. I am really comfortable flying, but sometimes a little part of my brain asks, what if the plane goes down? And then I start to think about how much that would suck. I'd die for work. I'd die because I was on a plane because I was going to work. But then I tell myself that I might as well think that everyday when I drive to work, because that is more dangerous. And then I feel fine. But I felt a little sad all day Thursday as I finished up work, and then took a redeye from LAX to Atlanta to Indy. I wasn't really scared, and I didn't have any problems with my luggage, but I was in airports and on airplanes for several hours, and it seemed like anything could set me on edge. Like, I almost started crying when I saw an older lady get on a bus and she had to use the hand rails to pull herself up. It as weird. But worst of all were the simple-minded, violent, bigoted things near-strangers would say to me. Like "'they' are all immoral over 'there;' 'they' have no conscience. We should just go over 'there' and drop like 5 nuclear bombs" or "we should just build a wall around the whole area and let 'them' all kill each other." And I just wanted to say, who's the 'they' and where's the 'there?' Some brown people in some vague area of the Middle East? But I didn't say that, because I didn't want to be rude. And I was trying not to cry. I wish that these situations brought out the best in people, made us appreciate all life more, made us realize that the human beings have placed themselves in a precarious situation, and made us realize how much work we have to do. That does happen for some, but it seems like for a lot of people, these situations are an excuse for bigotry. Not only is that wrong, but it doesn't even make sense! It inflames the situation, and creates undue suffering. If bigoted beliefs convince us that racial and ethnic profiling is OK, terrorists will adapt and find fighters who don't meet that profile. They will always adapt. I'm sad and disgusted that any people want to kill anyone. I'm touched by those who make the sacrifices in these situations. And I'm saddened by the reactions I've seen. Especially saddened because not only do people think these nasty things, but also because they seem to think their feelings are so right, are so justified, are so American, that they can say these things to me, a fellow white American, and I will fiercely agree. I am American. I am patriotic. I accept anger and sadness and fear as normal reactions, but I reject hatred, bigotry, and violence. I still love the country.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Blogging

I love reading blogs. I have several that I check regularly. One of these is Julia Sweeney's blog. I found Julia's blog a few months ago, and quickly read all of the back entries. Well, suddenly in the middle of March, Julia stopped writing posts. Not a single word since March. Until finally yesterday I looked, not expecting anything, and I was shocked to see she had posted! Oh yay, I thought. Her long post recapped what she'd been so busy with, and what's coming up with her. It was all good, but by the end of the post I was feeling slightly annoyed. Never once did she say, oh sorry I haven't posted, I've been really busy. Or thank you everyone for all the nice comments that you left while waiting for 5 months. I mean, I would never do that to the two people who read my blog! And really, in all those 5 months I really doubt she didn't have a single spare minute to make a quick post to say, "I'm busy, I'll write later." I mean, blogging is about the writer and the readers. If you don't care about the readers, write in a journal, not a blog! I still love Julia, and will continue to read her blog, but I'm still annoyed. I tried telling Brandon about this, but he doesn't get it. He's not a blogger. Anyway, I'm getting ready to add links to some of the blogs I read--look for them over on the right-hand side. I'm looking for new blogs to read too...let me know your favorites and I'll check them out!

**OK, I just added links to the blogs I read, but I didn't put them all in the right place and the right side of my blog is kind of messed up right now. I don't have time to fix it now, so it'll just have to stay that way for a little bit!

Mystery Recipe

Over the weekend I went to a co-worker's wedding--so fun! I love weddings, or more specifically, I love receptions. Now I am back at work for my one day in the office this week before I head out to CA to do some training. When I got to work this morning, there was a recipe card sitting on my desk. It doesn't say who it is from, and their was no accompanying note. I asked a couple of people if the recipe was from them, and they said no. I can't really figure out who this recipe is from. The weirdest part, it calls for meat, which I think everyone knows I don't eat. Maybe I'll try making it with tofu. Strange.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

3 o' Clock

I am really lucky with my work schedule. We have "flex time" instead of specific hours that we need to work. People in my department generally come in between 6:30 and 9:30am. I am a 9am person, but I am making a new goal to became a 7am person. You see, if you are a 7am person, you can work through lunch and leave at 3, or go out for lunch and leave at 4. I would love to do that, because it seems that everyday at about 3pm I hit a wall. It doesn't matter what time a come in. This morning I had to drive down to Indy for some Outreach Committee errands. This was for work, but I didn't actually start working until I got to the office at 9:45am. Despite the late start, it is 3:15 and I am struggling to go forward. The next few hours are going to drag. If only I were a 7am person, I would be getting ready to leave at this time most afternoons.