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Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Blogging

I love reading blogs. I have several that I check regularly. One of these is Julia Sweeney's blog. I found Julia's blog a few months ago, and quickly read all of the back entries. Well, suddenly in the middle of March, Julia stopped writing posts. Not a single word since March. Until finally yesterday I looked, not expecting anything, and I was shocked to see she had posted! Oh yay, I thought. Her long post recapped what she'd been so busy with, and what's coming up with her. It was all good, but by the end of the post I was feeling slightly annoyed. Never once did she say, oh sorry I haven't posted, I've been really busy. Or thank you everyone for all the nice comments that you left while waiting for 5 months. I mean, I would never do that to the two people who read my blog! And really, in all those 5 months I really doubt she didn't have a single spare minute to make a quick post to say, "I'm busy, I'll write later." I mean, blogging is about the writer and the readers. If you don't care about the readers, write in a journal, not a blog! I still love Julia, and will continue to read her blog, but I'm still annoyed. I tried telling Brandon about this, but he doesn't get it. He's not a blogger. Anyway, I'm getting ready to add links to some of the blogs I read--look for them over on the right-hand side. I'm looking for new blogs to read too...let me know your favorites and I'll check them out!

**OK, I just added links to the blogs I read, but I didn't put them all in the right place and the right side of my blog is kind of messed up right now. I don't have time to fix it now, so it'll just have to stay that way for a little bit!


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