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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes, I just can't think of a title that aptly describes what I'm talking about in this post

Hey everyone, you may have noticed that all the links have been removed from my blog. You see, I eventually messed them up so badly, I just ended up resetting the template. Now I have to add my links back in. I'm going to do it a bit differently this time. Before I had links to most of my favorite websites, but I don't really need to do this. Like, I can link to the ASPCA because I love it, but most people have heard of the ASPCA, and if they wanted to go to their site, they'd just google it. So, over the week I'll be adding cool links back in, but only to other blogs and sites you might not have heard of before.

I have recently started reading several newspapers online. Usually I get all of my news from NPR. This is a great source, but I realized that I really should mix it up a bit, so I started reading lots of different papers. Whenever I need a little break from work I read the headlines, and scan the articles that look interesting. Well, I just read about the plane crash in KY. Sounds pretty strange; I wonder what happened. I know that air travel is much safer than traveling by car, but I wish I'd stop hearing scary news reports about flying right before I'm about to get on a plane. I fly into Dulles tomorrow morning. At 6am--yes! Yes, I know, it's early, but it's a direct flight, and that's a rare thing when flying out of Indianapolis, so it's worth it!

Now let's distract ourselves from plane crashes with fun visual effects!


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